Animoca Brands Partners with Blockpass to Enhance Web3 Security and Compliance

Animoca Brands joins Blockpass in a strategic partnership to strengthen Web3 security to set new standards in user verification and regulatory compliance.

Animoca Brands has announced a strategic partnership with Blockpass, a pioneer in compliant identity verification. This collaboration aims to improve the safety and regulatory compliance of the emerging Web3 and metaverse ecosystems by leveraging Blockpass’ KYC/AML SaaS solutions for the benefit of Animoca Brands and select portfolio companies.

As digital interactions and transactions become more common, the issue of consumer safety and security escalates. The partnership directly addresses these concerns by incorporating Blockpass’ identity verification solutions, which are critical to reducing fraud risks and protecting consumers, especially in an age of advanced AI deepfakes and widespread identity fraud.

The strategic collaboration is particularly timely given the growing regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and related technologies. By integrating Blockpass’ KYC and AML requirements, Animoca Brands and its subsidiaries will be able to operate with greater confidence and compliance, a critical factor as regulatory scrutiny intensifies.

The partnership also promises to streamline the user onboarding process. Blockpass offers a reusable identity verification process that is both user-friendly and efficient, providing seamless access to Web3 services. It is a tool to simplify the user experience while adhering to the required regulatory frameworks.

Recognized as “Web3’s OG Identity Checker,” Blockpass brings to the table a comprehensive suite of compliance tools designed to reduce onboarding costs, automate remediation, and protect against a range of security threats. The company boasts a network of approximately one million verified identity profiles and over a thousand businesses, thereby facilitating instant onboarding and compliance.

Animoca Brands, on the other hand, is a global leader in gamification and blockchain, with a large portfolio of over 400 investments in Web3 projects. Its mission to advance digital property rights and build the open metaverse is well served by the partnership as it seeks to develop and publish blockchain games and products based on global brands.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, emphasized the alignment of the partnership with the company’s core philosophy of empowering builders who believe in Web3 and the open metaverse. Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass, echoed these sentiments, highlighting collaboration as an important step in establishing trust and regulatory compliance in the meta universe.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 and the open metaverse, setting a precedent for prioritizing user safety, regulatory compliance, and user experience. As the decentralized world moves toward a more secure and inclusive future, industry watchers will be closely watching the results of this strategic alliance.

As the Web3 space evolves, this strategic partnership between Animoca Brands and Blockpass is poised to play a key role in shaping a safer, more compliant and user-friendly digital world.

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