Magic Eden Pioneers Cross-Chain NFT Experience with Expanded Wallet and Rewards

Magic Eden, a leading name in the cross-chain NFT market, recently revealed a suite of innovative solutions designed to foster a more inclusive and expansive digital ownership experience. On January 22, 2024, the company announced the global launch of its enhanced rewards program, a cross-chain wallet, and the intention to open source all major protocols. These initiatives mark a significant step forward in Magic Eden’s mission to evolve the NFT landscape and make digital ownership universal.

The newly introduced Magic Eden Rewards program stands out as the most comprehensive cross-chain rewards scheme in the industry. Originally released on Solana, has plans to expand its reach to other major blockchains such as ETH, BTC and Polygon. This program is structured to provide universal benefits to all users, ranging from collectors to creators, and features engaging quests that reward both new and existing community members.

In a move that underscores its commitment to the NFT community, Magic Eden has pledged its support for the Non-Fungible DAO, a community-owned organization dedicated to promoting NFT adoption and development through the $NFT token. The company plans to contribute core protocols to the DAO, including its cross-chain market protocols, strengthening the collective effort to sustain the NFT ecosystem.

A key highlight of Magic Eden’s recent announcements is the expanded implementation of its cross-chain, self-control wallet. Initially released to a limited audience in late 2023, this wallet features instant cryptocurrency swaps between major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. Designed for NFT collectors, the wallet aims to provide a faster and more seamless experience for collecting and trading NFTs across multiple chains. This wallet is not only the first to be integrated directly with an NFT platform, but will soon offer rewards for usage. Slated for global availability by the end of January, the wallet and its accompanying desktop browser extension are poised to redefine digital asset management.

Zhuoxun ‘Zedd’ Yin, co-founder and COO of Magic Eden, emphasized the company’s belief in universal digital ownership. He noted that NFTs, in their various forms, represent a huge opportunity and Magic Eden is committed to realizing this vision by expanding its products across multiple chains and ecosystems. The formation of the Non-Fungible DAO and the power of community-controlled open source software are central to Magic Eden’s ecosystem growth strategy.

As Magic Eden continues to innovate and lead in the cross-chain NFT space, it aims to provide a depth and breadth of services unmatched by other platforms. Built on community-driven open source protocols, Magic Eden is set to become the go-to provider for cross-chain collectors. For the latest updates on how the company plans to continue to transform the industry, follow Magic Eden on Twitter at

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