Worldcoin (WLD) Introduces Updates for Personal Data Protection and Age Verification

Worldcoin, a digital identity project led by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has introduced improvements to privacy protection and age verification, including permanent iris code erasure and personal age verifications.

Worldcoin (WLD), the innovative digital identity and cryptocurrency project led by Sam Altman, is taking significant steps to improve privacy protection and age verification measures. These updates are intended to improve user privacy and ensure that the platform is only accessible to persons 18 years of age or older.

Improved protection of personal data

One of the key updates introduced by Worldcoin is the ability for World ID holders to revoke their identity verification, resulting in the permanent deletion of their iris codes.Iris codes are unique digital representations of the texture of an individual’s iris that are used to confirming their humanity through specialized devices called orb. By allowing users to erase their iris codes, Worldcoin gives people more control over their personal data and privacy.

When a user initiates a deletion of their iris code, their World ID becomes invalid and a six-month “waiting” period applies to prevent immediate reverification. This measure ensures that people cannot bypass the verification cancellation process. After the cooling-off period, the iris code is permanently erased and becomes unrecoverable, further protecting user data.

Age verification measures

In addition to improving privacy protection, Worldcoin implements personal age verification checks at all Orb locations [2]. This measure ensures that only persons 18 years of age or older can access the platform and obtain a World ID. Before undergoing World ID verification, individuals must undergo an on-site age verification by third-party personnel. This additional layer of age verification reinforces Worldcoin’s commitment to respecting age restrictions and protecting younger people from accessing the platform.

Worldcoin’s commitment to privacy and security

These updates reflect Worldcoin’s ongoing mission to create a global financial and identity network based on proof of identity [2]. However, the project has faced criticism regarding centralization, privacy and security implications. To address these concerns, Worldcoin cooperates with third-party privacy and security experts, including the Bavarian State Data Protection Supervisory Authority (BayLDA). [2]. BayLDA serves as the project’s lead supervisor in the European Union, ensuring that privacy and data protection regulations are respected.

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