Binance Academy Introduces University-Accredited Programs with Discount and Rewards

. . . Binance Academy recently unveiled a range of university-accredited programs in partnership with leading educational institutions in Europe. These programs are designed to provide learners with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and digital assets. Participating universities include the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE), the European Business Institute (EBI) … Read more

DWF Labs Renews Collaboration with DMCC to Propel MENA Blockchain Ecosystem Forward

. . . DWF Labs is committed to investing in 50 startups operating in the web3 space, with a significant investment of USD 500,000 reserved for the most promising businesses. The partnership builds on the foundation laid by the previous agreement, which included the creation of a $5 million growth platform for Web3 businesses at … Read more

Samsung Secures $6.4 Billion in US Government Grants for Chip Manufacturing Expansion in Texas

. . . Global leader in semiconductor technology Samsung Electronics recently revealed that it received US government funds totaling $6.4 billion to expand its chip manufacturing facilities in Texas. The United States’ ability to manufacture chips domestically will be greatly enhanced by this massive investment, particularly in sectors such as aerospace, defense and automotive. The … Read more

Binance Executive Nadeem Arjarwalla Traced to Kenya After Escape from Nigerian Custody

The Nigerian government has found Binance CEO Nadeem Arjarwala in Kenya, accused of manipulating the Nigerian Naira. Nigeria is cooperating with Interpol and Kenyan extradition authorities. Nadeem Arjarwalla, a senior Binance official, escaped from custody in Nigeria and Nigerian authorities were able to track him down in Kenya. Arjarwalla is accused of being involved in … Read more

Worldcoin (WLD) World App Reaches 10 Million Users

Worldcoin’s Worldcoin app, launched in June 2023, has over 10 million users, promoting a universal basic income and sparking interest in alternative wallets in the Worldcoin ecosystem. Worldcoin’s Worldcoin app has reached an important milestone, surpassing 10 million users since its launch in June 2023. The app, which aims to create a universal basic income, … Read more

Ethereum’s Pectra Upgrade to Enhance Wallet Functionality and User Experience

Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade, expected in late 2024 or early 2025, will improve the user experience and functionality of crypto wallets, enabling smart contracts and sponsored transactions, but raises security concerns. With the introduction of its Pectra update in late 2024 or early 2025, Ethereum hopes to significantly improve cryptocurrency wallets by adding new features and … Read more

Bitfinex Securities Launches El Salvador’s First Tokenized Debt for Hilton Hotel Development

Bitfinex Securities, El Salvador’s first licensed digital asset provider, has launched its first tokenized asset raise on the Bitcoin Layer 2 Liquid Network to finance a new Hilton hotel complex at El Salvador’s international airport. El Salvador’s first licensed digital asset provider, Bitfinex Securities, is spearheading the nation’s first tokenized asset raise using Bitcoin’s Layer … Read more