Arbitrum’s New ArbOS 11: A Game Changer for Blockchain and Crypto

The Arbitrum community recently implemented a significant upgrade with the acceptance of the “ArbOS 11 version” proposal. This advancement heralds a series of key changes and enhancements to the Arbitrum ecosystem, a renowned Tier 2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

EVM Shanghai Support and PUSH0 Opcode: ArbOS 11 includes support for EVM Shanghai upgrade and PUSH0 opcode. The integration of these elements with Arbitrum chains is crucial as it aligns with the latest versions of go-ethereum, ensuring that even in the event of a delayed upgrade, Shanghai support will be equally effective without differences due to outdated software per node.

Re-fixes: A noticeable change is in the re-charge system, which previously exclusively used the network charge account. The infrastructure charge account will now also be used, with charges from the core charge going into the infrastructure account and any excess charges during times of increased gas prices going into the network charge account. This revision is particularly relevant to Arbitrum Nova, where the Infrastructure Fees Bill contributes to fees for members of the Data Availability Committee​​.

Precompile Method Improvements: ArbOS 11 addresses an issue with some precompile methods consuming all gas on return. Specifically, ArbSys’ arbBlockHash method would use up all the gas if called with an out-of-range block number. This update ensures more efficient use of gas.

Visibility of L1 pricing parameters: The upgrade adds precompile methods to view certain L1 pricing parameters, such as L1RewardReceipient and L1RewardRate, making it easier to check the current circuit configuration.

Log Broadcast Fix: Another fix includes preventing a log from being broadcast during a static call from the circuit owner to the ArbOwner precompile, conforming to the EVM standard where static calls should never broadcast logs.

Adjusted L1 Pricing Parameters: The default L1 pricing parameters have been adjusted, which, while not affecting Arbitrum One and Nova due to earlier fixes, will automatically apply to all Arbitrum Orbit circuits​​.

Deployment Details: The specific deployment of ArbOS 11 is based on a specific commit hash in the Arbitrum Nitro git, ensuring consistency and reliability in its deployment​​. Additionally, the upgrade action smart contracts for ArbOS 11 have been verified by Trail of Bits, confirming their security and effectiveness.

The implications of this upgrade are significant for the Arbitrum network and its users. With improved functionalities and improved efficiency, the upgrade strengthens the network’s capabilities, attracting positive attention in the crypto community. Market analysts are optimistic about the impact of this upgrade on the Arbitrum token (ARB), with expectations for a price increase. Arbitrum trading volume has already shown a significant increase, indicating growing interest and confidence in the token’s potential.

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