Bakkt Joins Unchained’s Network for Enhanced Crypto Custody Solutions

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Bakkt Holdings, Inc. has joined the Unchained co-custody network, offering enhanced security and regulated custody for Bitcoin assets.

In the evolving digital asset environment, security and regulatory compliance remain paramount for institutions dealing with cryptocurrencies. Bakkt Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: BKKT), a trusted digital asset platform, announced its integration into the Unchained co-custody network. This strategic move enhances Bakkt’s institutional-grade custody services, providing a robust multi-signature vault solution for Bitcoin assets.

Bakkt, since its inception in 2018, has been at the forefront of providing secure and scalable solutions to customers navigating the crypto economy. The collaboration with Unchained Capital, a prominent Bitcoin financial services company, marks a key moment in Bakkt’s expansion into custodial services. Together, they aim to provide unparalleled capabilities to protect digital assets.

Unchained’s unique model offers a multi-signature vault that is protected by multiple institutional key agents. The integration of Bakkt as a key agent and institutional signatory strengthens the security framework, addressing the needs of large institutions that require different custody options amid regulatory uncertainty.

Gavin Michael, CEO of Bakkt, emphasizes the importance of secure and regulated custody as the core of their business. “With the changing regulatory environment, our customers are looking for a variety of solutions to secure their Bitcoin holdings. Our participation in the Unchained network is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative access platforms and scaling our custodial capabilities,” said Michael.

Joe Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Unchained, expressed confidence in Bakkt’s role in the network. “Bakkt’s reputation as a regulated custodian aligns perfectly with our mission to offer the most secure asset protection, surpassing the security of single-person solutions,” Kelly added.

The collaboration is not only a technical improvement, but also a strategic alignment that reflects the growing demand for sophisticated crypto custody solutions. As digital assets continue to gain mainstream adoption, such partnerships are critical to building the necessary infrastructure for secure asset management in the blockchain space.

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