Binance Launches Futures NEXT: Predict Token Listings and Earn Rewards

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Binance introduces Futures NEXT, a platform allowing users to predict token listings on the USD‚ìà-M futures market and win rewards through a unique Pick system and multiplier-based vouchers.

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, recently introduced a new innovative platform called Futures NEXT. This pioneering offering allows users to engage in the dynamic world of token listings by predicting which tokens will be listed on the Binance Futures USDⓈ-M market.

Futures NEXT operates independently of Binance’s standard listing process, focusing on rewarding users for accurate market predictions rather than directly influencing token listings. The platform features a unique “NEXT Pool” that showcases a curated collection of tokens nominated by the community for a potential listing.

Users can participate in Futures NEXT by purchasing “Picks” for 1 USDT each and allocating them to their preferred tokens within the NEXT Pool. If the user’s chosen token is successfully listed on the USD‚ìà-M futures market, they can win rewards in the form of futures trading vouchers, with the potential for even bigger rewards through a multiplier system.

Binance designed Futures NEXT to offer a risk-free participation model. If a token to which a user has allocated Picks is not listed, they may withdraw their Picks after an initial 3-day lock-in period. The selections will be converted back to USDT and credited to the user’s futures wallet, allowing reallocation to a different token or full withdrawal.

In addition to distributing Picks, users can also nominate new tokens to the NEXT Pool by investing 2000 USDT as “Nomination Seed”. After the review and approval process by Binance, the Nomination Seed is converted into Picks associated with the nominated token, which are locked for 30 days.

Futures NEXT successful prediction rewards come in two forms: new traders receive bonus futures vouchers to start their futures trading journey on Binance, while existing futures users enjoy futures trading fee discount vouchers for additional benefits. The value of these vouchers is determined by the amount of the user’s choice amplified by a certain multiplier.

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Binance’s presentation of Futures NEXT demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to innovation and user engagement within the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. By allowing users to predict token listings and earn rewards, Binance not only drives community participation, but also improves the overall trading experience on its platform.

Through this platform, Binance aims to further empower its users, fostering a more dynamic and rewarding trading environment.

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