Binance to Cease Support for Leveraged Tokens by April 2024

Binance announces the end of support for leveraged tokens until April 2024, urging users to adjust their holdings and trading strategies in light of the upcoming changes.

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its decision to end support for Binance Leveraged Tokens (BLT). As part of its ongoing product review process to focus on offerings that provide the most valuable and competitive services to its users, Binance has decided to suspend trading and subscription services for all of its leveraged tokens until the end of February 2024 The move underscores the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency exchanges, which are constantly evolving to meet user demands and regulatory standards.

Basic message details

Termination of Trading and Subscription: Trading and subscription services for all Binance leveraged tokens will be suspended from February 28, 2024 at 06:00 (UTC).

Delisting and Termination of Redemptions: Following the Suspension, Tokens will be delisted and redemption services will cease according to the schedule detailed for each Leveraged Token Pair, culminating on 2024-04-03 at 06:00 (UTC) for certain tokens.

Affected Leveraged Token Pairs: Tokens targeted for termination include popular pairs such as BNBUP/USDT, BNBDOWN/USDT, ETHUP/USDT, ETHDOWN/USDT, BTCUP/USDT and BTCDOWN/USDT.

Final Token Conversion: Upon delisting, all remaining leveraged tokens held by users will be converted to USDT based on their net asset value (NAV) at the time of delisting. USDT will then be distributed to users’ accounts within 24 hours after the removal process is complete.

Implications for traders

This decision affects traders who use leveraged tokens for short-term trading strategies. Leveraged tokens, which are a basket of standing contracts, offer traders exposure to leverage while mitigating some of the risks associated with liquidation. However, they are also subject to rebalancing and can be volatile, requiring a clear understanding and strategy for their use.

Next steps for users

Binance advises users holding any of the said leveraged tokens to either trade them for other tokens prior to the termination of trading services, or cash them out via the wallet function or the leveraged tokens page prior to their respective removal time. Automatic removal of trade orders for these tokens will occur at the time of termination, highlighting the need for timely action by users.

Binance’s commitment to adaptability and user support

This announcement reflects Binance’s commitment to adapt its service offerings to focus on products that align with user interests and market trends. It also highlights the importance of regular product evaluations to ensure compliance and competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. Binance ensures continuous support for its users during this transition, providing detailed guidance on how to effectively manage their leveraged tokens.


As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, exchanges like Binance play a key role in shaping market practices and offerings. Binance’s end of support for leveraged tokens marks a significant shift in product strategy driven by a focus on user value and service competitiveness. Users affected by this change are encouraged to take immediate action to adjust their trading strategies and holdings accordingly.

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