Bitget Wallet Surpasses 20M Users, Solidifying Position in Global Web3 Arena

Bitget Wallet reaches a remarkable 20 million users, becoming the fourth largest Web3 wallet globally, with its unique offerings and strategic innovations.

In a remarkable advancement in the blockchain sector, Bitget Wallet has reached a new zenith, accumulating over 20 million users worldwide. This significant user base cements Bitget Wallet’s status as the fourth largest global Web3 wallet, a testament to its innovative features and strategic market positioning.

Leveraging innovation for growth

Since its inception in May 2018, Bitget Wallet has been at the forefront of Web3 infrastructure development. Its mission: to provide fair, unrestricted access to the Web3 universe for all users. This vision, coupled with sharp market insights and relentless product development, catalyzed exponential growth in the user base, marking an impressive trajectory in its five-year journey.

The wallet’s strategic foresight was evident during DeFi Summer 2020 when it accepted DEX listings early on, improving the asset discovery and on-chain trading experience for its users. This move generated considerable interest, which only multiplied with the subsequent rise of NFTs and the metaverse. Bitget Wallet has expanded its offerings to include an NFT market, further fueling its growth.

As decentralized trading gained mainstream popularity, Bitget Wallet led the charge by integrating swap trading functionality. It has become an industry pioneer in offering aggregated cross-chain DEX market data and facilitating gas-free cross-chain transactions. Such improvements to its Swap product have been instrumental in driving the expansion of its user base.

In 2022, Bitget Wallet secured a remarkable $15 million in a Series A funding round, valued at $100 million, with Dragonfly Capital at the helm. This achievement was supported by a strategic investment of $30 million from Bitget Exchange, shooting its valuation to $300 million.

User-centric innovations and new capabilities

With the industry shifting towards community-driven narratives, Bitget Wallet has become a pioneer in the discovery and trading of meme coins, building a dedicated user base with its superior functionality in this niche. This success is based on Bitget Wallet’s comprehensive infrastructure, including advanced market analysis tools, chain-wide trend analysis, multi-dimensional market rankings, and insights into smart money movements across 100 mainstream blockchains.

COO Alvin’s emphasis on “New Assets” and “New Opportunities” underscores Bitget Wallet’s commitment to market-leading innovation, whether by supporting new blockchains, listing new tokens, introducing the Launchpad platform, or unveiling overwriting features. These initiatives are strategically aligned with unlocking new assets and capabilities for users.

With the launch of its ecosystem token, BWB, Bitget Wallet is further committed to maintaining a stable ecosystem, with BWB playing a central role in the future, especially after crossing the 20 million user mark.

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