Cathie Wood predicts Bitcoin preference shift due to ETFs and growing gold connection

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ARK Invest CEO, Cathy Wood, reports a shift away from traditional gold investments to bitcoin led by spot bitcoin ETFs and their increasing role as “risk offs”, particularly during times of economic uncertainty such as the regional banking crisis.

In a recent statement, Cathy Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, made the observation that there is a noticeable trend of investors moving away from gold and into Bitcoin. Given the recent introduction of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are based on spot bitcoins, she believes this pattern will continue. When there is a period of economic unpredictability, such as the regional banking crisis that occurred in March 2023, when the value of Bitcoin jumped forty percent, Wood believes that Bitcoin begins to act more like an asset that is risky. This is especially clear when there is uncertainty. Bitcoin has an inverse relationship with interest rates, but this move is related to Bitcoin’s growing relationship with gold. This is despite the fact that Bitcoin has a relationship with gold. The perception of Bitcoin among investors has undergone a significant change as a result of this development compared to traditional assets such as gold.

This shows that ARK Invest has a strong belief in the value proposition of the cryptocurrency as well as its potential as a store of wealth due to the fact that they have made this investment. As part of its aggressive strategy in the cryptocurrency market, ARK Invest bought shares in its own spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), which is now valued at $15.9 million. This action, which underscores ARK’s commitment to Bitcoin and follows the trend, is reflective of a larger trend of growing institutional interest in cryptocurrencies. This feeling is represented in this move.

These events correlate with the period in time when the correlation between Bitcoin and gold reached its highest peak. This is the point where the correlation is highest. This shows that Bitcoin is becoming increasingly recognized as a reliable alternative to traditional safe haven tools. In light of the fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have traditionally been characterized by a high degree of volatility and an emphasis on speculation, this move is significant as it represents a significant shift in the market. Due to the emergence of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the fact that institutional investors such as ARK Invest are increasing their investments in cryptocurrencies, there is a growing belief that bitcoin may provide a new investment opportunity for individuals interested in avoiding risk, especially in a time of economic instability. This belief is fueled by the fact that ARK Invest is leading the way in increasing its cryptocurrency investments.

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