CGV Leads Expansion in Bitcoin Wallet Sector with UniSat Investment

CGV invested in UniSat to strengthen the Bitcoin wallet infrastructure, leveraging UniSat’s support for the Ordinals protocol and market presence.

Tokyo-based crypto investment firm Cryptogram Venture (CGV) has announced a significant investment in UniSat, an innovative Bitcoin wallet infrastructure. As CGV continues to foster growth and innovation in the blockchain ecosystem, this investment is poised to enhance the capabilities of Bitcoin’s infrastructure, particularly around the emerging Ordinals/BRC-20 protocol.

UniSat’s impact on the market and technological advancements

UniSat is building a strong position in the Bitcoin ecosystem as the world’s first open source browser extension wallet supporting the Ordinals protocol. This puts UniSat at the forefront of the Ordinals/BRC-20 ecosystem, with a current market share of 10% to 20% in terms of trade volume and time, as reported by Dune Analytics. The platform boasts approximately 800,000 weekly active users, demonstrating its significant user base.

UniSat’s recent infrastructure upgrade is particularly notable, with the capacity to handle 200,000,000 API requests daily. This impressive scaling is set to provide robust support for the upcoming Binance and Bybit markets, implying significant potential for growth and increased market penetration.

The role of CGV and future perspectives

CGV founder Steve emphasized the firm’s commitment to the technological advancement of blockchain infrastructure, particularly in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The investment firm understands the critical role that wallets play as a gateway for users to interact with the crypto world and thus recognizes UniSat’s potential in shaping the future of Bitcoin infrastructure.

As Japan is a key player in the global cryptocurrency market, CGV’s strong presence and influence in the Japanese market is expected to drive UniSat’s growth both locally and internationally. CGV’s strategic investment in UniSat signifies its commitment to fueling a new phase in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

About Cryptogram Venture (CGV)

Since its inception, CGV has invested in over 200 crypto projects and contributed to the incubation of a licensed Japanese Yen stablecoin, JPYW. CGV FoF, as a limited partner in several globally renowned cryptocurrency funds, has established a significant presence in the crypto investment landscape.

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