Chinese Premier Li Qiang Advocates Ethical AI Boundaries at Davos

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Chinese Premier Li Qiang emphasized the urgent need to establish ethical boundaries in the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence (AI). His remarks highlight international concerns about the responsible development and use of AI technologies.

In his keynote speech, Li Qiang emphasized the importance of “good governance” in guiding the evolution of AI, ensuring that it contributes positively to humanity. He emphasized the importance of a collective commitment to ethical standards, calling for global cooperation to prevent the misuse of AI for narrow group interests. The prime minister called for inclusiveness in the development of AI, highlighting its potential to benefit human progress, not just a select few.

Li Qiang’s speech at Davos was not limited to the ethics of AI. He also speaks on broader topics such as technological innovation, green development and global economic cooperation. The Prime Minister emphasized the role of international cooperation in the field of science and technology, advocating a more open and non-discriminatory environment for technological development. This, he argues, will help ensure that scientific and technological advances benefit humanity as a whole, rather than becoming tools to limit the development of other countries.

On the topic of green development and climate change, Li Qiang called for stronger international cooperation. He pointed out that while there is a lot of talk about green development, there are still barriers that prevent the free flow of efficient green technologies and products. The Prime Minister called on countries to unify their strategies and remove these barriers to facilitate the transition to a greener economy and society.

The speech also touched on the importance of bridging the development gap between the North and the South. Li Qiang highlighted the challenges facing developing countries, stressing the need to implement the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030. He called for global cooperation in areas such as poverty reduction, food security and industrialization to ensure mutual benefits and inclusion.

Premier Li’s remarks at the forum reflected China’s commitment to working with international partners to establish frameworks for responsible AI development, prioritizing the interests of developing countries and narrowing the technology gap between nations. He emphasized China’s role in promoting global cooperation in the AI ​​sector and reiterated the country’s commitment to ethical standards in AI development.

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