Crypto Coalition Advocates for Bitcoin Emoji Adoption

Over 20 leading crypto organizations are coming together to petition for an official Bitcoin emoji, highlighting its cultural impact on society.

More than 20 influential crypto organizations have come together to support a new cause in the digital space – the introduction of Bitcoin Emoji. Their mission is to embed the Bitcoin logo into the lexicon of digital communication, suggesting its existence on keyboards around the world.

The Bitcoin Emoji push is spearheaded by Nexo, a prominent cryptocurrency lender, and has received the backing of a spectrum of industry powerhouses, including BTC Inc, Bitget and Chainalysis. Dubbed the Bitcoin Deserves Emoji movement, the campaign marks a significant step toward mainstream recognition of Bitcoin’s triple identity as a currency, a technology, and a cultural phenomenon.

The movement is currently being rolled out through a 50-day petition hosted on, which will progress into a formal proposal to the Unicode Consortium within their submission period in 2024. This endeavor, previously rejected in 2020, highlights the ubiquitous presence of blockchain in everyday life and symbolizes the unwavering determination of the community.

The coalition’s goal goes beyond simple digital representation; it is a celebration of the shared values ​​and cultural fabric woven by Bitcoin. With 92% of the global digital community using emoticons in their communication, as reported by Unicode, the inclusion of bitcoin emoticons represents a natural progression in line with the technological advancements of our era.

Nexo’s Kosta Kanchev, BTC Inc’s David Bailey and Brink’s Mike Schmidt expressed their support for the initiative, citing Bitcoin’s technological impact and the need for a universal symbol that resonates with its universal utility.

In keeping with its goal of promoting the understanding and adoption of digital currencies, the initiative is a collaborative effort between a conglomerate of organizations that includes Polygon, Brave, and Unstoppable Domains, among others. Their collective voice serves to expand the reach of the initiative, seeking to cement Bitcoin’s status in everyday discourse.

The movement invites the world community to join in this historic endeavour. By signing the petition and promoting the cause, people can contribute to the recognition of Bitcoin’s legacy and its future. Interested parties can find more information and join the campaign at

As we stand on the cusp of this initiative coming to fruition, the crypto community awaits the response from the Unicode Consortium with bated breath, hoping that Bitcoin emoticons will soon become a permanent part of our digital narratives.

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