Magic Eden (MAGIC) Launches Retroactive NFT Rewards for Ethereum Users

Magic Eden introduces a cross-chain rewards program offering diamonds to Ethereum users for past activities.

Magic Eden, a prominent player in the NFT market, has introduced a significant cross-chain rewards program. This initiative targets “Ethereum OGs” by allowing them to claim rewards for their NFT-related activities dating back to 2017. The program distributes “Diamonds”, a form of reward points, to users based on several criteria, including volume per transaction, time of transactions and the platforms where those transactions took place. Additional weight is given to rewards.

The announcement came via a series of tweets from Magic Eden’s official Twitter account. In the last tweet on the thread, Magic Eden warned users against potential copycats and emphasized that no links were shared in the thread, ensuring that users only follow official sources to participate in the rewards program.

Engagement with the Ethereum community

Magic Eden’s campaign to reward past activity signals a strategic outreach to one of the most robust communities in the crypto space. By recognizing the contributions and engagement of Ethereum users in the NFT ecosystem, Magic Eden aims to foster stronger connections and encourage the transition of these users to its platform.

Beware of imitators

In the nascent world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the threat of imitators and scammers is ever-present. Magic Eden’s express warning emphasizes the importance of community vigilance. Users are advised to interact only with verified channels and official websites when participating in such programs.

Linking wallets and getting rewards

To participate in the rewards program, users are instructed to link their Ethereum wallets to the Magic Eden platform. The process for claiming Diamonds has been streamlined to encourage participation, although the exact mechanics and value of these rewards in terms of real-world utility or monetary equivalence have not been disclosed.

Community reactions

Community reaction has been mixed. Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived value of rewards in relation to their past contributions. Others have raised questions about technical aspects of the program, such as connecting wallets from different chains.

Magic Eden’s introduction of a retroactive rewards program highlights the evolving landscape of user incentives in the blockchain space. As NFT platforms continue to innovate in their quest to acquire and retain users, the impact of such programs on user loyalty and platform growth remains to be seen.


Magic Eden’s initiative demonstrates efforts to connect communities and reward user loyalty. However, the success of this program will depend on the perceived value of the “Diamonds” and the platform’s ability to effectively engage the Ethereum community. As the NFT market evolves, such innovative approaches to community engagement can set new precedents for the industry.

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