MakerDAO Implements Emergency Measures Amid Market Volatility

MakerDAO approves an executive vote on crucial changes in response to market conditions aimed at stabilizing the DAI peg and improving the protocol’s sustainability.

Amidst a turbulent cryptocurrency market, MakerDAO, the organization behind the popular DAI stablecoin, has announced the approval of an accelerated executive vote. This decisive action comes in response to recent market volatility and a potential surge in demand for DAI. The vote introduces several temporary measures designed to strengthen the stability of the DAI and its underlying protocol.

Stability in the face of volatility

The Maker Protocol, known for its robust overcollateralization system, works effectively to maintain the target 1:1 DAI to USD ratio. However, the quick proposal and subsequent vote reflect a proactive stance to protect against temporary market volatility. Proposed changes include increased stability fees for collateralized assets such as ETH and WBTC, an increase in the SparkLend DAI loan’s annual percentage yield (APY), and tweaks to the peg stability module (PSM) for better USDC deposit and mining performance DAI.

Key adjustments and their implications

Stability fees for various Maker vaults will see significant increases:

ETH-A Stability Fee: 15.25%

ETH-B Stability Fee: 15.75%

ETH-C Stability Fee: 15%

WSTETH-A Stability Fee: 16.25%

WSTETH-B Stability Fee: 16%

WBTC-A Stability Fee: 16.75%

WBTC-B Stability Fee: 17.25%

WBTC-C Stability Fee: 16.5%

These adjustments are intended to discourage excessive borrowing and maintain DAI stability during periods of high demand.

The Dai Savings Rate (DSR) is set to increase to 15%, boosting DAI retention and limiting downward price pressure. In addition, the Security Management Module (GSM) pause delay will be reduced from 48 to 16 hours, allowing for more flexible management solutions.

Understanding the background and future plans

The urgency of this proposal is underscored by the depletion of Peg stability module reserves, which have fallen below $320 million. Additionally, approximately $1.1 billion in real world assets (RWA) are available for redemption, with daily limits potentially slowing processing. The proposed measures are temporary, with plans to return to standard operations once market conditions stabilize.

In parallel, the BA Labs team, as part of the Stability Scope Advisory Board, is developing medium-term strategies to strengthen PSM reserves.

Management and implementation

After the approval of the executive vote, the changes will be implemented within 48 hours. MKR holders and delegates participated in the decision-making process through the Maker Governance portal. MakerDAO emphasizes its commitment to transparency, with real-time monitoring of protocol reserves available on the MakerBurn dashboard, and encourages the community to be informed through official channels.

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