Mirana Ventures Invests $8 Million in Toncoin (TON)

Mirana Ventures has launched a long-term partnership with the TON Foundation, investing $8 million in Toncoin to drive mass adoption of token-driven technologies and collaborate with other blockchains.

Mirana Ventures, a global Web3 investment company, has announced a new long-term partnership with the TON Foundation, which includes the purchase of $8 million worth of Toncoin on the secondary market. According to David Toh, managing partner at Mirana, TON is “uniquely positioned to help accelerate mass adoption of token-driven technologies” due to its integration with Telegram.

As part of the partnership, Mirana Ventures will receive exclusive access to Telegram’s advertising platform, allowing Mirana and its partners, including Mantle and Bybit, to use customized advertising strategies to drive community engagement and growth within the TON ecosystem.

The partnership also aims to integrate TON-based $MNT tokens into the TON Space, taking a significant step towards realizing TON’s vision of collaborating with other Web3 ecosystems. This move is expected to improve user experience in line with TON’s core objectives.

Bybit, one of Mirana’s portfolio companies, will provide liquidity for RFQ technology in the TON Space, improving transaction efficiency and price optimization. The two-year commitment to this technology reflects the long-term vision for the TON Space wallet to become the leading non-custodial solution in the blockchain space.

As a key player in the TON-Mirana partnership, Bybit will also support mutual token lists and other integrations, improving the accessibility and diversity of projects within the TON ecosystem. Bybit is now working closely with TON, offering a special 7% cashback promotion for users spending TON with their Bybit Debit Card, and successfully launched the Bybit x TON Odyssey win and bet initiative.

The collaboration between TON Foundation, Mirana Ventures, Bybit and Mantle sets a groundbreaking precedent in the Web3 space by driving the development of an accessible and user-friendly Telegram Web3 SuperApp. This partnership is expected to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by leveraging each partner’s strengths and focusing on creating a seamless user experience.

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