Solana (SOL) Mobile’s “Chapter 2” Phone: A New Era in Web3 Mobile Technology

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Solana ($SOL) Mobile, a key player in the booming web3 phone market, recently announced its second smartphone, the “Chapter 2.” This launch marks a significant step in making web3 technology more accessible to a wider audience.

Surpassing the success of Saga

Solana Mobile’s first web3 phone, the Saga, initially struggled to gain traction in the market. Introduced in mid-2023 with a price tag of $1,000, sales were sluggish until the strategic price cut to $599. This change, combined with a unique crypto rewards program, caused a sudden spike in demand. A notable promotion included the dog-themed memecoin BONK offering 30 million BONK tokens to Saga owners, effectively making the phone free based on the token’s current value. The result was a quick sell-out of the saga, with the majority of sales occurring in just two days in December.

Chapter 2: A New Chapter in Accessibility

The recently announced Chapter 2 aims to build on the saga’s eventual success, but at a more affordable $450. Its release was met with overwhelming demand, with over 30,000 pre-orders within the first 30 hours, surpassing Saga’s first year sales. This model retains key features of its predecessor, including Android base, built-in crypto wallet, Seed Vault and dApp store for decentralized applications. The phone is scheduled to ship in the first half of 2025.

The appeal of ch.2

The strong pre-order performance of Chapter 2 highlights the growing interest in web3 technology and the Solana ecosystem. The device’s lower price point is an important factor in its appeal, making advanced web3 capabilities more accessible. What’s more, the promise of continued support and incentives for app developers reflects the successful strategy used with Saga.

Look forward

Solana Mobile’s success with Chapter 2 highlights the market’s readiness for more affordable and accessible web3 technology. The company’s approach of incentivizing ownership through crypto rewards has proven effective and will likely continue to shape its strategy. As the 2025 delivery date approaches, the technology community is eagerly anticipating the impact of Chapter 2 on the wider adoption of web3 technology in mobile devices.

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