Soundraw: An AI-Powered Music Creator

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  • Presentation of Soundraw

Soundraw is a cutting-edge AI music generator that is transforming the way creators produce and integrate music into their projects. Offering an intuitive platform for generating custom, royalty-free music, Soundraw serves a wide range of users, from individual creators to businesses, enhancing their content across a variety of media. Soundraw, an innovative music technology company, was founded by an executive Daigo Kusunoki on February 12, 2020. The Company is headquartered at WeWork The ARGYLE Aoyama, located on the 6th floor of 2-14-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, with zip code 107-0061.


source: Soundraw

How to generate music with Soundraw

Creating custom music for your projects can greatly enhance their appeal and effectiveness. Soundraw, an AI-based music generator, simplifies this process, allowing even people with no musical knowledge to create professional-quality songs. Here’s how you can generate music using Soundraw:

Choose the length: Decide how long you want your track to be, tailoring it to fit the specific needs of your project.

Set the Tempo: Choose a tempo that matches the mood and tempo of your project. Options include slow, normal, and fast.

Choose the genre: Soundraw offers a diverse range of genres to suit different creative needs. Choose from Hip Hop, Trap, Workout, Jersey Club, Latin, Rock, Ambient, Acoustic, Funk, Drum & Bass, Funk and more.

Set the Mood: Set the emotional tone of your music by choosing from moods like Epic, Happy, Hopeful, Calm, Angry, Sentimental, Romantic, Sexy, Smooth, Euphoric and more.


Soundraw theme, source: Soundraw

Choose the theme: Customize your music further by choosing a theme that resonates with your project. Options include Corporate, Photography, Motivational & Inspirational, Fashion & Beauty, Sports & Action, Nature, Technology, Weddings & Romance, Holiday Season, and more.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly create a song that not only complements, but also enhances the quality of your project.

Soundraw and Canva integration

The integration of Soundraw into Canva’s platform was a significant development. This collaboration allows users to create music directly in Canva, enhancing their designs with custom soundtracks. The process is simple and involves selecting Soundraw from the Canva Apps Marketplace, connecting a Soundraw account, and generating or customizing music to match the design.

Soundraw License Agreement: Basic Terms and Conditions

The Soundraw License Agreement is a comprehensive agreement that grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to Soundraw’s musical compositions and recordings, provided they adhere to the terms of the agreement and pay a non-refundable subscription fee. Under this agreement, users are allowed to access thirty Soundraw recordings per month, create derivative works, distribute these recordings across various platforms, and even reproduce them in physical formats such as CD-ROM and vinyl. Importantly, the license also allows for the promotion, synchronization with audiovisual works owned by the user, and public performance of these recordings.

A key aspect of the agreement is its perpetual nature, meaning that users can continue to use their created works (User Entries) indefinitely, even after their subscription ends, without owing Soundraw any royalties or fees , excluding mechanical rewards. However, the agreement imposes specific restrictions, such as prohibiting the unlawful reproduction, transfer or use of the recordings in ways not expressly permitted by the license. Additionally, while users retain a 50% interest in the underlying compositions they create, Soundraw owns all rights to their original recordings and compositions, emphasizing the importance of complying with specified credit requirements and restrictions on the use of Soundraw’s trademarks and intellectual property.

Soundraw AI Music Generation API

Soundraw’s AI Music Generation API is a tool designed for developers, offering a unique way to enhance digital products with the power of music. This API enables the seamless integration of custom, licensed music into various applications, providing unlimited scope for generating custom-made musical compositions.

Transformative impact across industries: Soundraw’s API is already making waves in multiple sectors. It is used by content creation platforms, game developers, metaverses, music creators, and technology companies, among others. These success stories highlight the versatility of the API and its ability to significantly improve user engagement and experience across a diverse range of digital landscapes.

Flexible and affordable pricing: To meet the diverse needs of different businesses and developers, Soundraw offers flexible pricing plans for its API services. Starting at an affordable price of $300, these plans are designed to provide end-to-end access to unlimited music creation along with full licensing coverage. This approach ensures that businesses of all sizes can use this innovative technology without financial constraints.

Prices and subscription plans

Soundraw offers a flexible pricing structure designed to serve a wide range of creators, from individuals to professional artists. The platform provides up to 25% discount on its subscription plans, which are available in both monthly and yearly formats.

1. Free plan

Price: $0 (forever)


  1. Generate unlimited songs
  2. Tag songs

Ideal for: Users who want to try out the possibilities of Soundraw without any financial commitment.

2. Creator plan

Monthly price: $16.99 (discounted from $19.99)

Annual option available: Yes


  1. Access background music suitable for videos, podcasts, games, social media, TV, radio and more.
  2. Unlimited downloads
  3. Royalty-free music, which ensures no copyright notices
  4. Suitable for both commercial and personal use

Ideal for: Content creators looking for different background music options for different media projects.

3. Contractor’s plan

Monthly price: $29.99 (discounted from $39.99)

Annual option available: Yes


  1. Add vocals to Soundraw beats to create songs
  2. Distribute creations on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more.
  3. Enjoy unlimited audio streams
  4. Keep all recording fees
  5. Up to 30 downloads per month
  6. A simple, transparent license that remains valid forever, even if the subscription ends
  7. Protection against copyright strikes

Ideal for: Musicians and artists who want to produce and distribute their songs while retaining full rights and royalties.

These pricing options make Soundraw an affordable and flexible tool for creating a wide range of audio content, ensuring users can find a plan that fits their specific needs and budget.


Soundraw Pricing Plan, Source: Soundraw

Alternatives to Soundraw

Splash: An app built to make music easy, allowing users to mix and match different loops and beats to create custom tracks.

TuneFlow: A music composition application that uses AI to help songwriters and composers create and arrange music efficiently.

Boomy: Enables instant music creation using AI, ideal for users without musical training to quickly generate and play songs.

BeatBot: Offers AI-driven music composition tools serving creators in need of custom beats and music tracks.

MusicLM: An AI-based music generation model that focuses on creating music from textual descriptions, offering innovative ways to conceptualize music. Uses AI for music composition, helping artists and producers create unique pieces of music.

Loudly: Provides AI-powered music production tools suitable for music creators looking for sound design and mixing assistance.

Songmastr: An AI music assistant that helps with songwriting and composition, aimed at streamlining the music-making process.

SongR: An AI music composition platform that helps users create original music with minimal effort.

Musico: Uses AI to generate music and deliver interactive music experiences serving both creators and listeners.

Expand Music: Focuses on expanding music tracks using AI, useful for DJs and producers who want to create longer versions of songs.

Sooundful: A platform that offers AI-driven music creation tools designed for easy-to-use and fast music production.

Riffusion: Specializes in AI-generated music, using deep learning models to create different music styles.


source: Refusion

Emvoice: Provides a virtual vocalist using AI, allowing producers to add realistic-sounding vocals to their tracks.

Amper AI: An AI music composition platform that allows users to create custom soundtracks based on mood, style, and duration.

Supertone: Offers AI-based music creation tools focused on generating high-quality, realistic musical compositions.

Staccato: A music generation platform that uses AI to help users create music quickly and efficiently.

Audio Clips: Provides AI-powered generation of music and audio clips suitable for short content creators.

HookGen: Specializes in creating catchy hooks and melodies with the help of AI aimed at songwriters and producers.

Databasss: Focuses on AI-driven music analysis and generation, offering insights and tools for music creation.

SoundVerse: An AI music platform that provides tools to create and explore AI-generated musical compositions.

MusicAI: Offers artificial intelligence-based music composition and production tools serving artists and music producers seeking innovative methods of creation.


Soundraw represents a significant advance in the field of AI-generated music. Its intuitive platform, diverse customization options, and integration with Canva make it a valuable tool for creatives looking for original music for their projects.

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