SPACE ID and Polyhedra Unite for .zk Domain and ZK Interoperability

SPACE ID collaborates with Polyhedra Network, launching .zk domains and improving Web3 interoperability with ZK proofs and community airdrops.

SPACE ID announced an ecosystem partnership with Polyhedra Network to promote zk-SNARK interoperability and expose the .zk domain, marking a significant leap in decentralized identity solutions. This collaboration is set to push the utility of over 2.8 million Web3 domains and their 1.4 million holders into a new realm of cross-chain communication.

Breakthrough in digital identity: The .zk domain

The partnership heralds the launch of the .zk domain, a new Web3 name service designed to offer unprecedented cross-chain interoperability. This service will allow users to establish a unique identity across networks through the Omnichain NFT domain. As the Web3 ecosystem grows more complex with the proliferation of networks, the .zk domain is a testament to SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network’s commitment to a more cohesive digital environment.

Expected Airdrops Cement Community Bonds

In honor of this partnership, SPACE ID also presented the first ever airdrop between the communities. This event will reward .zk domain holders with $ID tokens while giving away $ZK tokens to SPACE ID Premier Club members. These airdrops are not just a token of appreciation, but a strategic move to foster a strong community bond between the two ecosystems.

About Polyhedra Network and SPACE ID

Polyhedra Network is at the forefront of developing the next generation Web3 infrastructure using Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology for minimum trust interoperability solutions. SPACE ID, on the other hand, creates a universal name services network to streamline the discovery, registration, trading and management of Web3 domains.

Implications for the Web3 landscape

This collaboration is more than just technical integration; this represents a cultural shift towards a more interconnected Web3 world. By improving interoperability and simplifying the digital identity process, SPACE ID and the Polyhedra Network are setting the stage for wider adoption and innovation in the blockchain space.


The partnership between SPACE ID and Polyhedra Network is a milestone in the evolution of the Web3 ecosystem. As the community eagerly awaits more details on the upcoming airdrop, the launch of the .zk domain promises to empower users with a more flexible and interconnected digital identity.

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