Tether Advances Global Blockchain Ambitions with Uzbekistan Partnership

Tether has partnered with Uzbekistan’s NAPP to develop blockchain and peer-to-peer telecommunications to drive innovation and economic growth.

Tether Operations Limited has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Republic of Uzbekistan. The goal of this innovative partnership is to develop advanced blockchain and peer-to-peer telecommunications infrastructures within the country. This joint venture is not only a testament to Tether’s international strategy to promote sustainable digital ecosystems, but also positions Uzbekistan as a promising global center for blockchain and crypto innovation.

A synergistic alliance for economic growth

By aligning with the National Agency for Prospective Projects (NAPP), Tether intends to bring Uzbekistan to the forefront of the blockchain revolution. This cooperation is multi-faceted, including improving legal frameworks for crypto assets, supporting the development of national digital currency, exploring asset tokenization and optimizing payment infrastructures. The partnership also emphasizes educational initiatives to strengthen blockchain literacy among students and professionals in Uzbekistan.

Cementing a sustainable digital infrastructure

The MoU highlights the critical nature of robust digital infrastructures, with Tether and NAPP committed to realizing a secure, fast and cost-effective financial system. This initiative is poised to revolutionize the digital currency payment landscape in Uzbekistan, making it more sustainable and independent.

Local and global impacts

Director of NAPP, Lee Dmitry Romanovich, emphasized the huge potential of this cooperation for the economic development of Uzbekistan. By integrating blockchain technology into public services and beyond, the partnership aims to significantly improve the quality of life of Uzbekistan’s citizens. Additionally, this alliance serves to elevate Uzbekistan’s status as an attractive destination for blockchain businesses and professionals globally.

Fostering an informed crypto community

At its core, this partnership is dedicated to maintaining a deep understanding of blockchain and related technologies. With the support of local academic institutions, Tether and Uzbekistan are ready to create educational programs focused on blockchain technology, stable coins and peer-to-peer telecommunications. These programs are designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills to excel in the booming crypto industry.


Tether’s collaboration with the Republic of Uzbekistan marks a key step in expanding global blockchain capabilities. It promises to boost economic growth and innovation, providing a blueprint for how governments and private entities can work together to harness the power of emerging technologies. As this partnership develops, the eyes of the blockchain world will undoubtedly be on Uzbekistan, watching it make strides towards becoming a leading power in the digital age.

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