Theta Capital Management B.V. Announces $200M Theta Blockchain Ventures IV Fund

Theta Capital unveils new $200 million fund, Theta Blockchain Ventures IV, targeting early-stage blockchain infrastructure.

Theta Capital Management BV, a leading global investor in blockchain venture capital funds, has launched Theta Blockchain Ventures IV, a major new fund aimed at investing in the underlying infrastructure of blockchain technology. With a target total of $200 million in commitments, the fund marks a strategic move to capitalize on what Theta Capital sees as a generational investment opportunity in the blockchain sector.

Theta Capital has a history of deploying over $650 million in the blockchain space, backing many prominent companies and protocols since their inception. This latest fund is a continuation of Theta’s successful fund foundation program that invests in local venture capital firms that have played a central role in the development of over 80% of today’s leading crypto projects.

Ruud Smets, Chief Investment Officer at Theta Capital expressed optimism about the recovery from crypto winter 2022/2023 and the beginning of the fifth cycle of prices and innovation in the industry. Smets identifies the present as an unparalleled opportunity to invest in the infrastructure that will drive the future of blockchain technology.

Theta Blockchain Ventures IV is scheduled for its first closing on April 1, 2024, with subsequent monthly closings leading to an expected final closing on July 1, 2024. This announcement follows Theta’s recent publication, “The Satellite View,” a report offering insights into the future of blockchain investing from some of the most influential voices in the crypto sector.

The Satellite View argues that blockchain technology is not just a trend, but the foundation for the next evolution of the Internet, poised to modernize financial systems and commerce in a manner similar to the revolution sparked by the previous generation of Internet protocols.

In conjunction with the launch, Theta Capital is hosting a series of webinars to delve into the investment case for Theta Blockchain Ventures IV and current advancements in blockchain technology. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Theta’s Investor Relations team for more information or to register for the events.

Founded in 2001, Theta Capital Management has built deep domain expertise and leadership in the crypto-native venture capital universe. The firm has been an active investor in blockchain technology since January 2018 and continues to be at the forefront of identifying and supporting the next wave of innovation in the space.

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