Unibot Ends Partnership with Solana (SOL) Team, Cites Security Concerns

Unibot announces the end of its collaboration with the Solana team due to security concerns and abuse of trust, signaling a move to in-house development.

Unibot, a prominent player in Telegram’s crypto trading service, has gone public announced the termination of its partnership with the Solana team. The decision comes after a series of incidents that led to a breach of trust and raised security concerns in the Unibot community.

Unibot’s core team took to social media to explain the reasons behind their decision, highlighting the unauthorized launch of “evm_unibot” by the Solana group as the main factor. This bot was reportedly released without prior permission or authorization from Unibot, causing concern among users who had problems accessing the services.

Ensuring security and upholding the values ​​of transparency and honesty are paramount to Unibot, which prompted the move to develop and operate its Solana bot in-house. This change is intended to preserve the integrity of their services and protect the interests of Unibot holders.

In addition, the Unibot core team asked the Solana group to rebrand and fulfill their obligations regarding the distribution of fees that were promised to Unibot holders. This public request reflects Unibot’s commitment to its community, advocating for fair treatment and rewarding users who have supported it.

In light of the split from the Solana team, Unibot has announced an upcoming partnership with Edited Entity to further develop its own Solana bot. This new collaboration aims to improve the user experience of platforms like Telegram and Unisol-X. Additionally, it promises direct distribution of SOL reward tokens from Unibot’s core team, providing the reward system users have come to expect.

Unibot’s decision caught the attention of the crypto community, with stakeholders voicing their opinions on the matter. While some raised questions about the terminology used in Unibot’s announcement, others took the opportunity to promote their own initiatives, such as airdrop campaigns.

The rift between Unibot and the Solana team serves as a reminder of the volatile and dynamic nature of the crypto ecosystem, where partnerships can quickly fall apart due to misalignments in core values ​​and operational mishaps. It also emphasizes the importance of maintaining strict security and trust standards, especially when it comes to handling user data and assets.

As the situation develops, the community will be closely watching how Unibot’s internal development efforts will shape the future of trading terminal services and what impact this will have on the broader Solana ecosystem.

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