ZetaChain and Curve Finance Collaborate to Revolutionize DeFi with Native BTC Support

ZetaChain, a universal blockchain platform, has announced strategic partnership with Curve Finance. This collaboration introduces native Bitcoin (BTC) support for cross-chain swaps and asset pools on all chains, marking a key moment in blockchain interoperability and asset management.

ZetaChain’s Universal Blockchain Capabilities

ZetaChain, recognized for its versatile blockchain capabilities, is making a significant leap in blockchain interoperability. It is an EVM-compliant Layer 1 (L1) project designed to manage assets on any blockchain from a single location. This approach enables seamless management of assets and interactions across different blockchain networks, greatly improving the efficiency and functionality of the DeFi ecosystem.​​​​

Integration with Curve Finance: A New Era of DeFi

Curve Finance, a leading DeFi platform, integrates ZetaChain to provide the first native BTC support for cross-chain swaps and asset pools for all chains. This integration marks a remarkable evolution in DeFi, as it enables the management of diverse assets such as Ethereum’s Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin’s BTC, and Polygon’s USDC within a unified liquidity pool. Users can now deposit their own tokens from any wallet on any chain, including bitcoins from bitcoin wallet addresses, into these pools​​​​

The essence of this collaboration is to enable efficient, proprietary cross-chain swaps for Curve users. For example, users can input native BTC from their Bitcoin wallet and exchange it for native Ethereum ETH or vice versa. This capability dramatically improves the flexibility and accessibility of trading, making Curve a hub where the boundaries between different blockchain networks blur.​​

Advantages and future prospects

This integration is expected to be very cost-effective, potentially requiring significantly less gas than traditional message-based bridging solutions. The efficiency stems from ZetaChain’s unified contract architecture and its compatibility with EVM, which enables the implementation of ZetaChain’s omnichain Curve without any modifications.

Looking ahead, this partnership is poised to increase Curve’s trading volume, introduce new collateral options like native Bitcoin to support crvUSD, and simplify navigation in the crypto landscape. The next step involves launching Curve on the ZetaChain mainnet, backed by incentives and growth mechanisms to ensure the long-term success of the partnership.


The collaboration between Curve Finance and ZetaChain is a strategic move that not only enhances Curve Finance’s capabilities, but also demonstrates its commitment to remain at the forefront of DeFi innovation. By bridging the gap between different blockchain networks, this partnership lays a solid foundation for the future of decentralized finance, offering users a cohesive and integrated experience.​​​​

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