Google Announces Support for the 2024 Indian General Election

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Google is announcing its support for India’s 2024 general elections, using AI and partnerships to provide voters with reliable information, combat disinformation and ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

Google has announced its commitment to support India’s 2024 general elections by providing voters with high-quality information, protecting its platforms from abuse and helping users navigate AI-generated content. As millions of eligible voters prepare to cast their ballots, Google is working with the Election Commission of India (ECI) and other organizations to ensure a fair and transparent election process.

One of the key initiatives is to connect voters with useful information through Google’s product features. In partnership with ECI, Google will display critical voting information on Google Search in English and Hindi, including how to register and how to vote. YouTube will also display election information panels to provide users with credible election-related content.

To combat misinformation and protect the integrity of elections, Google applies its long-standing policies to all of its products and services. The company relies on a combination of human reviewers and advanced AI models to identify and remove content that violates its policies. Google’s Large Language Models (LLM) are used to build faster and more adaptive enforcement systems, enabling the company to take swift action against emerging threats.

Google is also committed to transparency in campaign advertising. Advertisers wishing to run campaign ads on Google platforms must go through an identity verification process and provide a pre-certificate issued by the ECI. In addition, Google has policies that prohibit ads promoting patently false claims that could undermine trust or participation in elections.

To further support the fight against disinformation, Google works with the wider ecosystem through initiatives such as the Google News Initiative Learning Network, the Fact Check Explorer tool, and collaborations with fact-checking organizations such as Shakti, the India Election Fact-Checking Collective.

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As the use of artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in content creation, Google is taking steps to help users navigate AI-generated content. The company introduced new tools and policies, such as ad disclosure for campaign ads containing synthetic content, YouTube content tags and restrictions on election-related queries in its AI products like Gemini.

Google also participates in industry collaborations, such as the coalition and the C2PA standard, to provide more transparency and context for AI-generated content. The company has committed to deploying technology to counter harmful AI-generated content designed to deceive voters as part of the “Technology Agreement to Combat Fraudulent Use of Artificial Intelligence in 2024 Elections.”

As India’s 2024 general elections approach, Google’s efforts to support the democratic process through technology, partnerships and initiatives aim to ensure that voters have access to reliable information and that elections remain fair and transparent.

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