UXLINK Secures Over $9M in Funding

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UXLINK, a Web3 social platform, has secured $9 million in funding led by OKX Ventures, Web3Port Foundation and HongShan for its two-pronged approach to social networking, marking the global trust in its innovative model.

UXLINK, a Web3 social platform and infrastructure, has marked an important milestone in its journey, securing over $9 million in a recent funding round. This financial infusion is led by notable investors such as OKX Ventures, Web3Port Foundation and HongShan, together with a consortium of strategic backers from various regions including North America, Asia and the Middle East, highlighting the global confidence in UXLINK’s innovative approach to social networking Web3 work in network.

The platform is distinguished by emphasizing two-way, acquaintance-based social relationships, setting a new paradigm in social interaction in the Web3 space. Unlike conventional social infrastructures that focus on one-sided, follow-based dynamics, UXLINK introduces a more interactive and reciprocal relationship model, similar to the transition from platforms like Twitter to more relational spaces like Facebook​​.

A cornerstone of UXLINK’s rapid growth and market attention is its innovative product offerings, including the Social DEX module and the UX Growth (Link to Earn) module, supported by unique data integration and RWS social protocols. This strategic foundation supports the upcoming launch of a social liquidity chain using OP Stack L2 and EigenDA technologies to improve support for third-party developers and Dapps​​.

The platform’s compelling growth narrative is further validated by its impressive user engagement metrics. Since its product launch in April 2023, UXLINK has attracted over 3.5 million verified users and facilitated the creation of more than 75,000 decentralized groups, reaching a total of over 6 million users in key global markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe , South Asia , and Africa.

Recent achievements highlight UXLINK’s market resonance, with a ground-breaking campaign in early 2024 leading to the creation and linking of 978,000 new Web3 wallet addresses and the accumulation of $78 million in escrow assets. This achievement not only demonstrates the platform’s ability to engage a broad user base, but also highlights the high trust and efficiency facilitated by its unique social networking model​​​​​​

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UXLINK’s roadmap includes the third phase of the ambitious Odyssey Airdrop initiative, promising new features such as wallet registration, tying and checkout, along with rewarding community engagement through token incentives. The success of the initiative, demonstrated by the participation of over 40,000 people, hints at the platform’s potential to become a cornerstone in the Web3 ecosystem, offering next-generation traffic and protocol-based infrastructure.

The recent funding round not only strengthens UXLINK’s financial footing, but also reaffirms the technology and investor communities’ faith in its innovative approach to Web3 social networks. With a vision to harmonize Web3 services with mainstream social platforms, UXLINK is poised to redefine the user experience on the decentralized web, fostering a more connected and accessible digital future.

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